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Complete Systems** Starting at $999.00

Call 435-572-4778 - Order Today

New Technology:

  • High Efficiency High-Performance Glass Pipes Absorb More Than 65% Sun Energy.

  • Heat pipe transfers heat energy into the storage tank water

  • Save Money on your Energy Costs

  • No water inside the evacuated tubes

  • Solar water heater still in service even with several tubes broken

  • 4-Days Heat Retention* - Highly efficient insulation with polyurethane foam

  • Low Cost and Small Size - Average Size 5' tall x 5' wide

  • Size Depends on Model - from 4' tall x 3' wide to 7' tall x 7' wide

  • Recover Cost of the system in less than a year*


  • Great for Home, Business, Hotels, & Remote Vacation Homes

  • Ideal for Hospitals, Factories, & Industrial Requirements for Hot Water

  • Perfect Getting "Off-the-Grid" or for Emergency Survival Use

  • Light Weight Smaller System Safe for Mounting On Most Roofs.

  • Can be put in the courtyard, on the roof or balcony.

  • Easy to use, also easy to install.

  • System Pressure To 90PSI - Safe Connection to City Water or Private Well.

  • High Efficiency Polyurethane Foam Insulation on Tank.

  • 10-Year Warranty on Equipment, Parts, Labor, and Service Calls.***


Complete Systems** Starting at $999.00

Call 435-572-4778 - Order Today

* Depending on but not limited to weather, amount of normal usage, location, and other local conditions.


** All materials included except for PVC pipe from Solar unit to existing water heater.


*** Service Call Warranty does not cover conditions caused by others or conditions not attributable to the solar water heating system equipment. See "Warranty Terms" Page for details.




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